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 I Always Wanted To Be a Pop Star!

published October 09 2017

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(I don't want it to be 'perfect')

published October 07 2015


Recording is such a large topic that I’ll just share with  you my thoughts on the recording process itself and not include the nitty gritty about copyrights, licensing, manufacturing, design etc. (click on the photo to read full article)



Can't Hear the Music for The Markings!
(throw away that pencil)

published September 29 2015


Ok so a while ago someone looked at my music on the stand at home and asked if I had started learning that piece yet. I replied that yes, in fact I performed it the week before. She was very surprised and when I asked why, she said it was because there were no marks in the score! To which I naturally exclaim that I think pencils are the enemy to music. (click on the photo to read full article)


Why Get on Stage Anyway?

(Purpose, programming and Possibilities)

published September 25 2015


What, are you crazy? How many times have I asked myself this?! Performing is a funny business at the best of times; nerves to deal with, and a certain level of uncertainty which can, to an observer, look anything but fun. Then of course I seem to like performing without music - no safety net! Ok, insane! Why do we do it? (click on the photo to read full article)



Whole Musician Toronto Retreat 2015

published September 23 2015

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Right after the CFA Convention, my team and I began a five day retreat for the Whole Musician at the same location. We had amazing participants from as far as Australia and Peru come to join us in Toronto and for the first time we also had non-flutists join us! (click on picture to read full article)



Canadian Flute Association Convention 2015 - It happened!

published September 18 2015


 The CFA is the brainchild of my dear friend Samantha Chang. Truly I must say that any and all activities presented by the CFA would definitely not happen if it weren’t for her ongoing efforts on behalf of flutists all over the world. The first convention made history in Canada and the second, in my opinion, topped it....(click on the photo to read full article)



 Thoughts on the XXX Festival Internacional de Flautistas de Lima Peru

June 05 2015


I have just returned from Peru and the 5 day international festival of flutists where I was one of the guest artists. This was an amazing experience with colleagues from the USA, , Canada, Argentina, Columbia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, Japan, and Norway. It was the 30th anniversary of this festival...(click on the photo to read full article)





Staying On Track With Your Fitness 

January 24 2015


There's a particular time of year that the gyms become more crowded and that would be January through February. This is the time when many among us dedicate ourselves to that New Year's Resolution to get into shape, (click the picture to read full article).