Canadian Flute Association Convention 2015 - It happened!

September 18 2015


CFA recital with Christine Beard and Richard Shaw

    So the CFA Convention (number 2) happened in June and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

    The CFA is the brainchild of my dear friend Samantha Chang. Truly I must say that any and all activities presented by the CFA would definitely not happen if it weren’t for her ongoing efforts on behalf of flutists all over the world. The first convention made history in Canada and the second, in my opinion, topped it.

    The location of St.Michael's College at the University of Toronto worked out rather well indeed. In scouting out locations previously, I was beginning to get disheartened at the options which were few and far between. Upon considering this venue however, plans were made quickly to secure it for the convention, right in the heart of downtown Toronto. Personally I’m happier not making flutists play in large carpeted ballrooms found in hotels and so on!

    Prior to the convention my house became flutist central it seems. And I hosted a barbeque for dear friends the night before. Strangely enough (and thankfully enough) no flutes were heard!

   Late dinner
 As the convention began, the sun shone (all four days) and flutists from around the globe gathered in good spirits to share in what has become a convention of friendship. Over 100 flutists and events of all sorts took place and my only regret is that I couldn’t get to say hello to everyone. As these things go, convention time is one of running around with no other plan in mind than where am I supposed to be in the next hour. From the welcome party on Thursday night (where no flutes were allowed!)  to the close on Sunday night, everything I heard showed that the quality of convention offerings was on the order of excellent. Especially the incredible hard work of the two convention pianists Anne Marshall and Richard Shaw who each completed about 14 recitals in the four days!

    As for me, I had an absolutely wonderful time working with everyone and in particular with Richard for my recital. I just adore playing with him and snatch any opportunity to do so! Another highlight was being able to play also with dear friend Christine Beard. The first time we got to play together was just a few months prior in Peru and we decided it just had to happen again, and so it did! Working the Whole Musician table in the exhibitor hall with dear people Meg, Megan, Rik, Niall, Ryan and Vincenzo was also a special experience.

    Thanks to all the artists who came from around the world in good spirits and with such amazing talents that inspire!  Of course nothing would run as smoothly without the most incredible volunteer team there ever was, and head guru Samantha Chang. I think I know a certain restaurant we should hit up for sponsorship next time!

    For me, convention time is mostly about friends. I meet new ones and continue relationships with older ones. I see what they have to offer and I offer whatever I can. I’m biased I know, but I do love the CFA convention for these things.